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Not sure this way ever dropped as I can’t see search option on this forum. I think more than iPad apps I would welcomed madrona labs modular plugin (could kick off with modules from Aalto). Something that Bitwig did with Grid. I absolutely love patching with Aalto for example but some times I need extra envelope or a sequencer or envelope and gotta do it with max plugins. It’s a nice workaround but still not native.

What do you folks think?

Hey we've talked about it a little bit. No plans but who knows...

Site search will search forums, news, etc. —it is up under resources / support.

I know definitely been mentioned before, but I have to say, playing with the new Sumu beat this morning the idea of mixing all the various components of all your plugins components came to my mind again as well. Even being able to select different upper and lower areas, let alone different envelopes/synth/methods etc within each half... the mind begins to boggle at the possibilites!! I suspect the amount of work involved is the main killer though...