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It seemed worth sharing here. I think I have learned about Randy's inspirations and motivations for instrument design over the years, but it was nice seeing everything in a condensed interview.

Thanks for posting! I for one had missed this.

@randy, that Sumu demo--what have you done? I think this may be the most interesting instrument to come along in years. The speech playback alone--I get misty thinking of what Luciano Berio would have made of this, or done with it. Truly: wow.

Thanks so much! Can't wait to get the finished version into your hands.

I likewise can't wait--and yet, please take all the time you need to realize your vision for this thing and to make the time after release blissful rather than frantic :)

I hope it sells amazingly and is adopted far and wide. Will it lead to a new genre of electronic music? Sumucore? It just might!

also thanks from me, this is a fine interview.

From early on I had sympathy with the creator of Madrona Labs, but the focus was more on the products. The Soundplane, Aalto, etc. As years go by, the likemindedness appears more and more apparent. We, including the users of these instruments, pull on a similar string. This is something beautiful.