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I see Apple Silicon support is in the works but I don't see any mention of VST3 versions of MadronaLabs plugins?

My VST directory is looking pretty bare these days and as soon as Apple removes Rosetta2 (supposedly within the year) they will all stop working. This includes MadronaLabs' plugins.

Is there any news re VST3s?

All the major updates will move from VST2 to VST3 as well. Aaltoverb is VST3 + AU right now.

That's great to hear. Is there even a tentative roadmap for any of this stuff, or is it done when it's done, or somewhere in between?

When Sumu is beta I'll start working also on the other updates, starting with Aalto. I'll feel way behind if they're not out before the end of this year. But honestly there's only one of me and I've managed to get way behind my plans on Sumu already, so take this with a grain of salt.

Clap format is very nice with per note modulation in bitwig... Any plan?


Thank you randy
I'm also looking forward to buying the Aalto as soon as it's available as a VST3

Can you tell us if there more polyphonic number "voices"
4 is not enough at all

  • I hope to see more LFO / ADSR / OSC Etc and Effects section

Computers these days have become powerful

So I hope you do that

For me I've tried more than a thousand of VSTi "many of them were physical modeling" to get similar sounds of Korg Moss board
Only Aalto is the only one who really amazed me, And I was able to make some presets that outperformed Korg moss sounds. Good job guys!

There will definitely be more voices! Computers have come a long way since 2010 :-)

In light of the recent Apple silicon release, I’ll redouble my finger-crossing and prayers to the VST3 gods in the sky… :)

CLAP and VST3 would be great thanks

NI have now officially stopped supporting VST2 in their hosts on Apple Silicon and moved to VST3 so I can't load Aalto and Kaivo any more in Komplete Kontrol despite them being AS native without going into Rosetta

Thanks for the update, seriously. It's hard for me to stay on top of what all the DAWs are doing so I can judge how much of a relative pain things are for people and where I should focus.

Let me help. :)

In June 2020 Apple said that Rosetta2 would be withdrawn in 24 months time (June 2022). At that time any non-M1 apps requiring Rosetta2 would stop working. At the same time VST2 will stop working for anyone running Cubase/Nuendo on a Mac bought in the last two years.

Any VST 3 word?

It's what I will be working on immediately after Sumu.