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Hello everyone
I route Aalto 1.9 vst in Bidule and seems that the bidule parameter "preset number" is absent so I cannot control via midi the presets.
First idea was making a simple bidule group with only aalto inside and making bidule presets corresponding to each aalto presets.
This method works half cause when I load bidule presets I see all the aalto parameters changing but not for the aalto wiring patchbay wich seems to stay always with the same wiring...
so the problem still persists.
Any idea to solve the problem?

I got your emails also. I'll copy my response here for reference:

Hi Davide,

I never was able to use the VST2 format to store the patch bay data because I could not find a good way to do this. VST just stores values for single parameters like dials and this does not map well to a patch input, that can have any number of outputs. Bidule only accesses Aalto through the VST2 API and so can not access the patch bay.

I am somewhat in touch with the Bidule folks now. I will see if there’s a way for more complete automation of the patch bay using VST3 or another format that Bidule supports.

Hello Randy,
Ok, some sort of comunication issue happens due to vst api architecture or some sort of search browser lack of informations is it perhaps temporarily resolvable using a kind of vst wrapper or specific plugin tool as thirdy party to make preset search functions properly work via midi messages?

This problem affects also many other vsts...not only Aalto.. As you can try by yourself hosting Aalto in Bidule for example is a really strange behaviour that when I save the aalto presets in a specific folder with vstpreset file extension everything seems to work (patchbay included) loading/saving them but the only method to switch between these user saved presets is only via mouse operating... via controller so impossible?

When you put Aalto presets into the “Aalto/MIDI Programs” folder you can load them by sending a MIDI Program Change message to Aalto. As installed there are a few example presets “test1”–“test4”. They will be assigned numbers in alphabetical order so Program Change 1: Test1, 2: test2 and so on. This should work in every host because the host does nothing but send the MIDI message.