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Unfortunately, the Fxpansion VST to RTAS wrapper does not appear to be healthy with the 1.x version of the Aalto VST plug-in. When you attempt to instantiate the wrapped version in Pro Tools, you get a quit crash.

Versions are:
Fxpansion Wrapper: 2.1.0
Pro Tools: 9.0.3
Aalto: 1.2.1, VST v1.0

I think the changes I'm making for next update may fix this. If not, I'll make it a priority and work with Fxpansion on it if need be, they seem helpful. Thanks for the report.

Hey Randy,

Any news on Aalto in ProTools?

I get a quit crash as well with PT 10., Wrapper 2.1 & Aalto 1.2.6.

No news-- except that I'm going to look into this today. Sorry for the long delay-- I hadn't heard any bug reports from PT people in a while, so was hoping the 1.2.6 update had fixed the issue.

Since i saw there is going to be an update of Aalto i thought i´d just ask politely if you might have had a look at this problem . I´d also be in game for beta testing and wrote you an email :)