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Hi, does anyone know if there will be an update for Aalto. I use mac (silicon system) with max/msp 8. I embedded Aalto in my digital instrument but now, I can only use the vst version and not the component version as I had before. The problem is that only the vst version consumes 30% of the cpu and the component version only occupies 10%. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance

I'll be updating all the plugins for Apple Silicon as soon as I can.

Thanks !!!

I bought the synth today. But they are not showing on Live 11.1 on apple silicon. Is the reason because they are not updated yet?

the current versions work in Apple Silicon under emulation. After inatalling, can you find the plugins under Audio Units? If not, restarting may be needed.

If restart does not work, try clearing your Audio Units cache:

Do you have instructions on how to do emulation? Thanks!

There's nothing you need to do. On any Apple Silicon Mac, just install the plugin and the system will use the Rosetta 2 emulator to run it.

I am using the M1 version of Ableton and on the FAQ they say that plugins not natively compiled on M1 won't show which is probably what is happening. I am using the synths fine on my PC however. But of course, I am eagerly awaiting an update to work with M1 Ableton. Thank you!

Nevermind, the synth shows up now in my M1 Ableton. Not sure what happened. Everything works now. Awesome!

Yeah - I noticed the my copy of Live 11 wasn't showing Aalto as a VST, but would show it as an AU. As long as it works!

Thank you Randy! Thank you very much for the update. I have embedded the Aalto in my instrument in max-msp and the buffer usage is back down by 10% , and that makes me very happy , because of the problems with very high buffer usage. THANK YOU!!!!!!