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Just installed Aaltoverb 2 and I like the new options. I only wish the modulation could also be set to bipolar. But I'm not too sure about the GUI.

First, I can't see all the presets at the same time, so if I were looking for something specific, I'd have to scroll through the whole list. Second, editing an LFO takes at least 3 clicks. Maybe it is because I work in Ableton Live (which has another way to MIDI learn), but I don't see why the first click makes me choose between Learn and LFO, when I suspect 9 times out of 10 people would choose to edit the LFO. In my mind, Learn and LFO are not equally important. Third, on the LFO there is again no way to see all the options in the menus, one has to scroll sequentially through them to know what the options are. Fourth, I personally don't like the wiggling of the pop-up LFO menus. For me it breaks with the tight aesthetic.

I feel it would've been better to have the LFO options appear on the first click, with maybe Cmd/Ctrl click for learning. And as there is enough space on the GUI, why not have the LFO options above the knob to be modulated (to be shown on right click, and only for one knob at a time). The LFO options will be smaller, but still big enough, I feel.

None of these design choices are a deal breaker on this small plugin, but I personally just hope that these don't make it into the bigger products (like Aalto2 eventually).

Thanks for the feedback.

Just tried Aaltoverb 2 and I feel exactly like Peter in the original post: IMHO, Aaltoverb 2 GUI need to be improved a little (especially the preset browser). This seems important to me because I suspect the forthcoming Aalto, Kaivo and Virta GUI updates will be based on the ideas collected when developing Aaltoverb 2.

Aaltoverb sounds amazing but the interface, while interesting, is disruptive to use. At the very least, presets should be navigable. Perhaps a right-click could open a browser interface similar to Kaivo?

I realize the Aaltoverb preset UI is really limited. As part of Sumu I'm working on a more capable preset browser that will be shared with all the instruments.