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I see no mention of MPE in the manual for Aalto. The manual is dated 2016. I connected the KEY "x" to the Oscillator Shape and something magincal happened but I don't know what is being sent on "x". "y" is clearly Timbre (CC74) but what is "x"?

This is old too but should still be correct: outputs from the KEY module described in MIDI, MPE and OSC modes.

in MPE mode the X output sends out cc#73 for each note by default.

perhaps not the right thread, but this about MPE.
what is a pity, that release velocity isn't implemented. it isn't really a part of MPE, X Y Z, is mpe. even my sl 49 mk ii, can do release velocity (i discovered by accident), it is quite unknown, also among developers.

release velocity for KAIVO, because that is the only instrument i own from Madrona Labs, till now.. would be a great addition... it is quite underrated..

Thanks for the feedback. I've gotten a few requests for it over the years and it's on my list of things to add to version 2 of the plugins.