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Happy Solstice, and here's to change and evolution. This goes out with all my best wishes to everyone for health, peace and prosperity in what has been such a hard year for so many. I hope that, despite COVID, you are finding ways to keep sane and happy, to nurture your body and spirit. A few weeks ago I got away on a short trip to meet some friends at the Pacific Bonsai Museum. That's where the lovely grouping of golden larch trees on the sale image here comes from. Visiting was a meditative, inspiring and world-expanding trip for me and if you're in the Seattle area, I recommend it highly.

From now through January 6 2021, our year-end sale is happening! You can use the code EVOLVE to get 30% off all our software. If you're an Aalto fan but you've been holding out on getting Kaivo or Virta or Aaltoverb, now's a great time. And yes, our simple bundle deal is in effect along with the year-end discount, if you choose to take advantage of them both. This results in some big discounts!

Finally, if you're looking for a last-minute gift, you should know that it's easy to give a Madrona Labs software license! A gift license can even be part of a simple bundle with one you bought for yourself and I'll be happy to transfer it free of charge (and judgement). Just email me at to let me know. I'm taking Dec 25, Dec 31, and Jan 1 away from the computer but otherwise I'll be available within 24 hours (and probably less) to help make your holiday dreams come true.


I wasn't sure I could use Virta (I have everything else in your arsenal) because I don't do much audio. But I found somebody on the web who plugged it into Aalto, so I tried it, and it blew my mind. It is like a Music Easel on steroids. So, thank you for the Christmas present ! I can't wait to get home after the holidays and play my bassoon through it.

Best Regards,

mhazdra do you have a link to that? Sounds interesting.

Do you have education pricing? I am a Grad student at Walden University MN, USA.
If not, when will you have another 30% off event? I'd like to purchase AALTO, KAIVO, VIRTA & AALTOVERB.

Thank you

Yes we do, please email me at and I'll set you up.