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Hi! I was wondering if there are any plans for supporting the upcoming Apple ARM processors (and if that could mean any kind of support for iOS)


Yes! I'll be supporting the M1 Macs immediately: first using Apple's emulation, which I've already tested here and found to perform very well. Then in the first quarter of 2021 with a native port to Apple Silicon.

Apple's Rosetta 2 is an impressive technology! Even in emulation, I expect audio software running on Apple Silicon to perform at least as well as on similar Intel machines.

And when apps and plugins are native, Apple Silicon should provide a greater than 2x performance boost over similar Intel machines. I'm excited to make that happen!

Native ARM support is one piece of the puzzle for getting to iOS, so it does bring me closer.

Thanks for the update, these are all really great news, both because of what you see performance-wise and your support plans :)

great news Randy...
Ive got a Mac Mini ordered :)

have you done any tests with the Soundplane? does this work with Rosetta?

I haven't yet. I plan to give that a try this week.