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Hi Randy, i'm sorry to say that this Aalto update has some glaring issues. Many of my patches sound very different now. I need to look into it in more detail and compare patches across versions but for now i can see that the Seq's glide param doesn't work. I also get graphical glitches - a heavy flashing blue band across the patching area when dragging cables - which gets more pronounced the larger i make the Aalto window.

It does look like seq glide got broken somehow! I'll put out a fix ASAP.

If the graphics issues persist after a restart, please send me all your system info and a video if possible.

If you need the previous installer you can still find it at

This is fixed and I replaced Aalto and Kaivo with version 1.9.4. (Virta has no sequencer)

Thanks Randy. I’ve sent you an email with vid of the gfx issue.