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Is there any way to do this? Every time I stretch Aalto or Kaivo to the size I want, remove instance, load it again, it goes back to default size. Quite annoying.

Latest versions of everything. Thanks!

If you don't remove the instance, just close the window and open it again, it does remember its size, yes? This doesn't change the default size though.

Say you have made two instances of Aalto you are using at different sizes. For me it would be annoying—or at least confusing—for the last size I messed with to automatically become the default.

You're not alone though: have heard from other people who want it to work the same way you do. I plan to add a default size setting somewhere in a future update.

Please do, and as soon as you possibly can, because it is super-annoying to first always resize Aalto every time I open it. It makes me not wanna use it :(

Also default size != instance size, instance size should of course be stored with DAW project and used normally. Default size would just be used at first load of plugin.

A simple "make current zoom level the default" option under the cogwheel menu will be absolutely sufficient!