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Hi Randy,

Is there a way to load samples by folder in kaivo rather than by individual samples?

I'm not sure what you mean "by folder" would do. Load samples from multiple files at once? I could see this being useful.

yeah if i have a folder on my desktop full of hundreds of samples it would be way easier to be able to load all the samples in that folder at once rather than going through the folder sample by sample.

I'm not really getting it still, because Kaivo can only load one sample at once. By "Load" I mean, put the sample in the granulator and start playing it.

There are up to four channels in a sample. I thought you meant to combine channels from multiple samples. But if there are hundreds that doesn't make sense.

When you put a bunch of samples in the Madrona Labs/Kaivo/Samples folder they all show up in the menu. You can add new folders inside there and the folders will become submenus.