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Aalto is pretty incredible. Wondering if a future update could have a randomizing function per module (if not per control with each module). Tweaking the knobs via track pad can get me burnt out pretty quick sometimes. Maybe there are other solutions I'm totally missing?

Should probably add that I've already mapped the max eight parameters to my controller

Welcome, and thanks for the feedback.

I don't think a randomizing function is something I would add to Aalto. The main issue is that done simply, it would make really useless sounds a lot of the time, maybe painful shrieks sometimes, and a lot of work would have to be done to get around that.

There are some environments like Max/MSP or even Reaper where it's pretty simple to make scripts that do things like randomize a parameter. So with a little work you could set up a randomizer that meets your needs.

FL Studio and Bidule (hosts) also offer randomize functions, maybe with less or no scripting involved.

Great thanks!

If it helps anyone who clicked on this, I've mapped the 24 BCR2000 rotaries to respective parameters using Max for Live:

Maybe a happy medium between randomizing and mapping the usual 8 parameters

Nice, thanks for sharing!

There are also a number of free Max for Live devices for randomising.

hello, if you are interested, i have made a patch in Usine Hollyhock doing this, need to clean up a bit, but i can share it

I love randomize options, even if they create lots of crap. I enjoy finding something surprising or something with potential and then tweaking it. I find I often avoid using some instruments just because I don't want to use presets but I also don't have the time to program (which often means relearning).