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Hi, i', tryng to change the Aallto presets from max/msp in order to recall them with a preset msp objet. I use vst objet but i don't know what is the parameter name to manipulate aalto from msp. any help? Thanks


You can send a MIDI program change message to Aalto, and then it will pick a preset from in the "MIDI Programs" directory inside the Presets directory. The MIDI message just has a number and picks from those presets in alphabetical order. I don't remember the Max/MSP side of things—either there's a special message to the vstplugin host object or you can just send the right sequence of MIDI bytes raw.

What am I doing wrong here?

In Max/MSP, I am sending a MIDI program change message via the midiformat object to Aalto's vst~ e.g. "midievent 192 1"
For now, I am attempting to switch between the test presets in the "MIDI Programs" directory: numbers [0]-[3], but thus far I have not been able to get Aalto to execute the patch changes.
I also searched the Max/MSP documentation for any special messages to the plugin host object, but to no avail.
I know there is an easy solution to this...

From what you wrote, that all looks like it should work. Does the vst~ have its own program change message you can try?

I have tried a few possibilities, none of which worked-

The Max/MSP Reference entry on messages to the vst~ object says:

..."effect-program [int]
In left inlet: Changes the effect program of the currently loaded plug-in. The first program is number 1."...

Sending an int to the left inlet of the vst~ had no effect on Aalto. I was using ints 0-3 for the MIDI Programs Directory test patches.


..."With no arguments, read opens a standard open file dialog prompting for a file of effect programs, either in bank or individual program format. read accepts an optional symbol argument where it looks for a VST plug-in bank or effect program file in the Max search path."..

The "read" message alone indeed opens a dialog, but none of the .mlpresets are selectable. The "read" message with an int or filename returns a "bad argument" response.

Is there a setting in Aalto which allows it to receive the program changes?
Any other ideas?

Aalto responds to the MIDI program change message, not the VST concept of effect programs. It's the "midievent" stuff you were trying to do originally that should work. There's no setting to disable it.

I just pulled up Live to verify that the program change message is working in Aalto and it is.

I'm sorry I don't have more time to dive into making a Max patch right now. I'm sure someone at the Max forum could help.

Thanks, Randy- I'm sure someone has wrestled with this problem already, but unfortunately there is nothing helpful about the topic posted on the Cycling 74 forums as of yet...

The program change messages are definitely getting to the VST object, but Aalto does not respond to them. All other MIDI data is functioning as expected.

Is it possible there needs to be some kind of "bank select" command? I know the MIDI Programs directory is the only bank Aalto can read program changes from, but does Max need to be instructed to look for them there?

When Aalto gets a program change N message it's supposed to select the Nth program in the "MIDI Programs" directory and switch to it. Max doesn't look for or know about these files at all.