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When automating (or attaching a LFO to a parameter), closing and reopening the UI, makes the plugin go back to the original size and all the dials (except the ones that are being automated) are at 0.

The sound doesn't change. It is only the UI that is bugging out.

FL Studio 20.5.1 (latest), Windows 10 x64, VST3

Thanks for the report. I'll look into it. Meanwhile do you have any other DAWs on your machine you can try? I'm not saying you should switch what you are using but just to diagnose this problem. FL is kind of notoriously weird with VST plugin handling.

Same experience here, Randy. On a mac in Live. Curiously, it only happens if I expand the "parameters" triangle while the UI is minimized, then reopen the UI.

Here's a video:

Yea, same here with Live 10.1

OK, thanks for the clear video—I'm having a look at this.

thanks for adding the video :) That is exactly what's happening in FL Studio as well.

@Randy. Image Line has their business quite in order these days. FL Studio 20.x is stable as hell.

also in logicX (newest version) as AU

actually it is "only" the display of the dials that reverts to 0 and the windowsize to default
the sound itself keeps intact

and yes, it is happening as soon as the LFO/modulation is engaged
when the modulation is bypassed, nothing wrongly (windowsize/dials) happens

any word/update on this issue?

I don't have a fix yet. I haven't forgotten about it.