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Hello everyone,

I thought I’d post here about some of the stuff I did with Kaivo since last year, but first I really wanted to thank Randy / Madrona Labs for this plugin that sounds amazingly good, and that I use pretty much all the time !

quarrè is an interactive 3D sound and music installation made in C++/QML, hosting – among other things - two instances of Kaivo with custom patches, which can be controlled in real time by up to four smartphones/tablets, sometimes simultaneously. External control is managed either by the devices’s sensors (with simple gesture patterns recognition) or various tactile modules displayed on the app screen.

It was created in Bordeaux, France, in june 2018, with help and support from SCRIME, Bordeaux University, and the Regional Council of Nouvelle Aquitaine.

The interactive scenario has been written using the OSSIA score interactive sequencer and networking relies on the OSCQuery protocol. During the course of the scenario, users will receive notifications on their smartphone/tablet enabling timed control of some of the audio server’s exposed parameters (spatial position of a specific source, audio effects, and of course note triggering/model control in Kaivo).

There are more details here, as well as a bit of sound and video



Thank you for sharing, Pierre! I've tweeted about it and found it very interesting as well as evocative sounding. I appreciate your crediting Kaivo.

hey, thanks a lot randy!