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Hi Randy,

my Aalto doesnt show up in Studio One 4, Bitwig and Ableton 10
I´m on Win7 Ultimate 64 Bit.
Everything was fine with 1.8.3....but now i didnt know whats happend.
The .dll was on the right place also the Presets but when I start any DAW
Aalto doenst show up
Here is definately a problem with the new Version of Aalto 1.8.4
When i know uninstall Aalto 1.8.4 and want to install my bought Version 1.8.1
the same thing Aalto doesnt show up in Studio one 4 always newest Version, Bitwig and Ableton 10.0.1. now.

Sorry for the trouble, I'm working on this.

Meanwhile 1.8.3 is still available:

Since they are newer you will have to delete your 1.8.4 plugins manually first, then install 1.8.3.

Randy no Problem
Thank you for this great Plugin !!!! and your great Support !!!
1.8.3 works in Bitwig and Ableton 10.0.1 fine

1.8.4 on the newest Version of Studio One 4 didnt show up AND
if i reinstall 1.8.3 also now didnt show up
I uninstall 1.8.4 manually and reinstall 1.8.3 but it didnt work only in Studio One 4

Take the time you need Randy

@datolar to go back to older versions, you may have to delete the newer DLLs manually before running the installer.