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I hope Randy does not mind me posting this here,
I think its very relevant to the Soundplane community,
as a small community I hope Soundplane musicians will appreciate being part of a broader community.

If you have Soundplane, or other expressive controller/instrument.
please come and join us, and help spread the word so we can form a community around these wonderful instruments.

Today, we are launching a new community forum for musicians interested in expressive electronic instruments and controllers.

PolyExpression's aim is to form a community of all musicians using the wide variety of expressive electronic instruments that exist today (and tomorrow).

Excellent communities exist already for each instrument, maintained by the manufacture, these are perfect for support.
This community differs as it is independent from instrument / manufacturer, a place where all these musicians can come together in one place, to share their enthusiasm for adding expression to electronic music using this uniquely wonderful instruments.

Whilst these instruments are each unique, and we want to celebrate this too, there are also many topics, issues and inspiration that are shared between them. These range from their goals, workflows, sound design and to more “mundane” topics like software and hardware issues.

Together we hope we can share these experiences with a broader range of musicians, and learn and be inspired by each other.

Please come and join us, help us build a community that shares its love for Polyphonic Expression in electronic music.


Full support! I look forward to its development.