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Winter sale 2018

In thanks for your continued support in 2018 I'm happy to announce our end-of-year sale. Through the tenth day of the first month of next year (January 10) all software prices are 30% off. That's Aalto for $69, Virta for $90, and Kaivo for $62.

That's about it, except you need to know the code. The code is BRIGHTERDAYS. If you're up here in the dark North they are getting longer now, so happy solstice! Brighter Days is also a great Cashmere / Dajae house cut that gets me every time.

I hope your days are brighter and brighter, I wish you a 2019 full of love and music. Stay tuned for more news very soon on the additive/FM instrument, Sumu, and on a little tidbit of a thing that's coming out first.

Finally! :)
Had to create two accounts until I figured which email the licenses went to, but now I'll spend the rest of the holidays with designing weird sounds.

Thanks a lot Randy and I'm looking forward what you'll release in 2019...