ForumsSoftware ← Aalto: seq_wave parameter doesn't select any Preset waves

While you can successfully map the "seq_wave" parameter in Aalto 1.8.3 it doesn't select any of the preset patterns for the sequencer. It doesn't seem to do anything else either.

I'm mapping to one of the (original) Push encoders in Live 10.0.3 on macOS 10.12.6.

Is this parameter broken or am I misunderstanding something about this?

seq_wave is only there to communicate between the interface and the parameter system within Aalto. It shows up automatically as an automatable parameter but is not useful.

Later I added the concept of a non-automatable parameter, but to remove this one would break patches by changing the order of parameters. I could rename it "unused1" or something.

Good to know. Thank you!