ForumsSoftware ← Madrona Labs @ SuperBooth 2018!!

ummm.. What to expect? who will be there... oh maybe its surprise ;-)

Soundplane to CV module, i guess!

I'll be there with whatever I can get done by May!

Soundplane to CV module would be great. Sumu is higher priority right now.

Great to know ;-) will definitely say Hi!

Oh yea, Sumu! I think you mentioned it in a newsletter. Don't have the email anymore but a google search reveals that it will be an additive synth. Any more news to share yet? :)

One more very different flavor to round out the semi-modular stable before I move on to other things. More soon!

heh, i think your version of 'soon' usually differs from mine, but great news! glad to hear it's coming :)


Ive now booked my tickets for superbooth too... so will see you there :)


do you show Sumu on Superbooth?
Meet you there for shure!

I'm working on sumu as well as the CV interface for Soundplane.

damn ! curious about sumu !