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I see a couple of others have reported 1.2 sequencer problems already in different places on here.

I'm using the full 1.2 32 bit Aalto. Win7 64, i5 2600k OC to 4.5Ghz. Live 8.2.2 32 bit DAW.

Something seems to happen when patches are saved that have an internal step sequence in them. I have saved my own patches and then loaded them up again and the sequence steps do not sound. Weird stuff also happens with other peoples patches too. I played the shruti malfunction patch in the default textures location and it has no sequence running. I then copied and pasted the shruti malfunction version in the patch thread here on the forums into Aalto and the sequence was working !? So I replaced the built in Aalto version with the forum one. Then after trying some more patches I went back to the shruti patch, loaded it up and it was going crazy with the sequence rate at max !!!

Its quite frustrating saving patches at the moment with the knowledge that they may not be replicated fully when you recall them later on.

Are the Rory Dow Sequences in the user patch library supposed to make some sound or do they need external triggering ? Most of these sequences are dead when I open them...

I just tested and those patches make sound for me. They seem to be set to host though, so you'd have to change it or start your sequencer running. I'm having problems with the sequencer too on osx. :(

I am finding the sequencer problem too across all platforms. No idea how this happened so late in the game, but I'm eager to get a fix out soon. Thanks for the reports.

Randy - Good to know its a repeatable problem and not just specific to my setup. If you need any more info. or anything tested let me know.

Jonah - thanks for the input. I did try the host sequencer as well as the internal Aalto sequencer and had the same problem with both. Some patches work and others are just silent no matter how you trigger them. I'll keep testing various scenarios.

The sequencer bug doesn't show up right at first, but once you trigger it, by moving the seq controls around, none of the seq params change anymore. This explains why Rory's patches would turn silent.