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Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere in the forum, can't seem to find anything...

When using alternate tuning modes in Kaivo the relevant intervals in the resonator section are unaffected and remain tied to 1v/o (I think...). Is there a way to lock the main tuning and the resonance tuning together when using scala scales?

Many thanks

Hi there, glad you're digging into Kaivo!

The resonator gets its patch only from the pitch signal inputs and the setting of the pitch dial. There's no scale reading or quantizing happening inside it. So, if you send it signals from the KEY module for a pitch sequence it will use them.

You could try some really different scale from 12-equal like Japanese/hirajoshi with a simple patch to really hear the difference. If you don't send pitch to the granulator, just have it produce a constant noise, you can hear only what the resonators are doing.