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Hi, how do I set the midi receive channel for Kaivo. At the moment it seems to play all channels and I was hoping I could set the receive channel on Kaivo itself rather than use a midi filter

(this seems to be one of those questions where I will find the answer for myself within a few seconds of posting ;) )

MIDI filtering by channel is up to the DAW, in general. In most programs there is a channel setting in the track somewhere for each MIDI instrument.

Ableton Live has a different approach. It chooses to basically ignore the concept of a MIDI channel and (I think) merges all channels of MIDI data onto the current track. So if you're using Live you may have to filter the data somehow before it reaches the program.

thanks Randy - I use Reaper mainly and it uses tracks more as containers for any media (like Live?) I can use a filter as you suggest