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Hi, Thanks for the updates! I just installed the new versions of all three plugins and noticed that the control inputs of the Kaivo body section do not seem to be working properly.

Kaivo 1.3.0
AU 32 Ableton Live 9.7.1
Mac osx 10.8.5

When connecting the sequencer or LFO to the body inputs the X and Y inputs seem to respond as expected. Nonlin, Tone, and Pitch do not respond at all, and Sustain seems to alter both Nonlin. and Tone.

I quit and restarted Ableton a couple times and this behavior was consistent.



Thanks for the report, I'll take a look at this today.

Yes, i can confirm, in Win 64bit version the same behavior (about mod.inputs for Nonlin, Tone and Pitch).

Confirmed for both Mac and Windows. will get a fix out ASAP.

Randy, all the same in 131. (win64)

oh derp, it looks like something went wrong with the installer—i'll take care of this in the morning.

This is fixed in the new installer. If you are still having issues with Kaivo's body module not working properly, try downloading the 1.3.1 installer again. The file name will be
KaivoInstaller1.3.1.exe (no .zip).

Randy thanks, now works properly ! (sorry for delay reply, i just woke up).

(But no, problems was not just in installer, version number in UI corner was exactly 131 too, usually i always check this while testing new version, but no essence, thanks anyway for quick fix !).