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I have a Cubase Pro 8.5 project with Equator, Aalto and Kaivo loaded. Aalto preset alter strings and Kaivo preset acoustic bass. Using 2015 iMac with i7 processor and 24 gigs RAM.

Things were crackling pretty bad and I enabled ASIO guard which seemed to help a little. I also turned off numbers and animation, but its still crackling when I record, mostly. At some point the playback was crackling but that seems to have gone away.

I opened the VST Performance meter and while recording, Equator never goes over 25% real-time peak, but Aalto and Kaivo go past 100% quite often and stay in the upper 25%.

I guess it could be usable if I can get used to the record crackling, but it is very distracting.

Are there any tips for "fixing" this (not sure if anything is actually broken or the synth just uses that much CPU)?

thank you!

Greg K.

The fact that you're using a powerful machine and seeing these troubles is a hint to me that the crackles should be fixed by the next update. I've put a Virta beta out and it's available here on the "Virta beta" thread. If Virta works well for you I think that Kaivo will too, after the update.

The need to move the Labs impeded progress over the last two months but I'm working full time to get these updates out now. Thanks for your patience.

thanks Randy! no cracklin' in Virta. But there is a swoosh fairly regularly :)

With VST meter, it rarely goes above 10% Assume once the updates are released, this will affect Aalto as well?

p.s. getting beautiful stuff with simple audio recordings and Virta. Really loving it so far.

I wouldn't expect Aalto or Kaivo CPU to drop, but any intermittent pauses/crackling should hopefully be gone.