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Hi there I hope it is OK to post this here.

Just to say I am new to Aalto (in fact I am just playing around with the Demo still...

I am an amateur electronic musican (I work on Ableton Live) and I have been very struck by the Buchla sound after coming across Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's album EARS. So I have been enquiring around and came across Aalto.

I am looking at something that I can play live & that has strong possibilities for evolving, complex sounds that change over time. I have been getting very tired of all the same old same old sounds I hear on the average soft synth.

Basically choosing between Aalto and U-He-s Bazille. It is a non-trivial decision partly because I live in Cape Town and our currency is very weak. So I have to choose carefully.

Anyway, I am here because I would like to know more about Aalto especially (1) quality of support and (2) advanced patching and preset building.


After you've tried the patches to get a sense for the sound palette, I would explore by building up a patch from the default. Some of the patches in the "Aalto techniques" section show connections you might not think to make otherwise.

As you've found out you can't save with the demo, but if you come up with a really great patch you can't bear to lose, you can take a screen shot and duplicate it pretty easily because everything is on the one page!

As far as support I usually answer emails and forum posts on the same day. Some days I can't because there's only one of me and I have to go camping sometimes.

Thank you Randy!

Yes, building up patches from the default is how I usually learn a synth. On the whole I really like Aalto's design and approach.

That said, I have now stumbled on a competitor to Aalto which I really like. Kaivo. What a lovely, lovely synth! I've just been playing with it for the last half our and I am really feeling it.

I will go through a mandatory cool down period before I get out my credit card...

Camping... I wish. It's rainy season here in Cape Town and the clouds are rolling down the mountain. Good tweaking weather.