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So it seems aalto is giving me some difficulties with CPU spikes. One instance of aalto spikes cpu to %80, then hovers down around %35 when not playing. once I play the song I'm working on and doodle on aalto, cpu jumps up to %80 - %90.

any ideas?

2015 mbp. Aalto 1.7, logic 10.2.1

Hmm, that's odd. You have been using Aalto for a while, do I remember right? So did this just start happening and did anything change beforehand, like the version of Logic?

What if you shut the graphic window?

Also, CPU measured how? In Logic? Do you get audible glitches?

I noticed glitches in a project I was working on last week. Its strange, I haven't updated anything recently, but I've also never taken a close look at the CPU usage because I've never had a problem. CPU is measured via activity monitor. Is there a more accurate way to measure?

I'll try shutting the window, and some other things and report back.

Well, Logic's meter will do its best to measure just audio processing. Activity monitor is, in my experience, more useful in general, but will always include the UI drawing, which in the case of Aalto can be expensive.

I would try just turning animations off and see if that helps.

I was having this problem as well. realized my audio buffer was still set to 32 from a session involving live instruments. Changed it to 512 and the crackles, stuck notes and CPU meter maxing out in Logic X were remedied.