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Hi Randy!

Love this great synth! Just I'm curious about when will come out the next update?
Also I'm looking forward to the patches installer to be implemented and been able to share patches + samples to some friends!


Hi Adrian,

Kaivo will at least get a minor update soon with the many Aalto features that were new in Aalto 1.6. Beyond that I'm not sure what else I can add to Kaivo before my next plugin comes out. I will do the patch / sample installer thing at some time for sure, it's a feature I want very much.

Great to hear Kaivo update is coming!! par with Aalto (ex. Program Change has bin more the useful - a lot of fun)


Thanks Randy for the quick reply!
Also I can't wait for the new plugin :-)

Any hints on a new plugin? :)

I can't wait for Aalto update :D (with fix for early described issue with incoming midi).

Oh and new plugin it ofcourse very good news.

Hi randy. Are you able to optimize the code at all for lighter CPU usage? I love Kaivo but some patches knock my quad core i7 on its ass. Thanks.

There is one big Kaivo optimization I plan to do, which will put each voice on a separate core of your computer. This should make a lot of difference on your quad core CPU. It's not a simple change and I have some other things to finish first, but it's definitely on my roadmap, so please hang in there.

Kaivo should also benefit a little from the next update where it gets the features I've been adding to Aalto. This won't be as dramatic though.

Eagerly awaiting that, then!

Multicore support is a great idea for a plugin as computing intense as Kaivo. As a intermediate programmer I have respect for that decission, because Mutiprocessing can be a really complicated topic.

I saw that a few Convolution Reverbs started releasing GPU versions, which is not silly, because when you use your DAW you won't use GPU-heavy programs at the same time anyways. However I don't know if every task gets a speedup by putting it on the GPU.

Hello, are there any plans for further resonator/body models after Virta is released?

For sure.

Ace. Thanks.

One thing that came to my mind:
when I import samples I have to always browse for my sample-path. It would be so comfortable, if it would remember the last location or even better if one could set favorites there.

The remember-last-location-thing is probably faster to implement. Little Design optimizations..

Thanks for the feedback @atoav. I understand. This one has been on my to-do list for a while.