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I've had a similar problem with the presets and samples before. Kaivo didn't find them because they were in the wrong user /roaming map. Moving them to the right user did the trick. However, the same solution doesn't appear to work with scales. I've also tried to move them to Kaivos vst directory, but with no success.
On closer inspection, Aalto's scale map appears to be empty. The maps are there (Greek, Just Intonation, Carlos...), but there are no .scl files in them. That does not stop Aalto from loading them, so I guess they must be somewhere else...
Someone has a clue?

Windows 8


I just checked that the Kaivo Samples and Patches installer is installing scales into the right place on Windows. It seems to be OK here. The installer puts them into ...Administrator/appdata/roaming/Madrona Labs. There should be a "Scales" directory in the "Madrona Labs" directory alongside Aalto, Kaivo.

They would need to be installed in the folder of whatever user you are running your DAW as. If I understand you right, you say there are empty folders with the scale names? I'm not sure what you mean by maps. If there are empty folders it could be that the installer failed somehow. I would run the installer again and look for errors.

is the demo of kaivo supposed to load scales? because i can't get them to show up.

btw thanks for telling me how to get the scales back in aalto. :)