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Hi Randy,

Ever since updating Aalto I've had an issue with the OSC coming from Soundplane.

On touch release, the pitch data jumps down to the lowest note on the row (this changes depending on template ie. rows of fourths, chromatic, octaves, etc.). This doesn't happen when controlling with MIDI instead of OSC. This also doesn't seem to be happening with Kaivo). This problem makes every release envelope drop to the same note - cool for dance music i guess. Am I on a wrong Soundplane/Aalto release combo or something? It is obviously seeing 'OSC connected'

Soundplane Client (v. 1.0a2) - re-downloaded & confirmed since the software still says 1.0a1 on the bottom?)

Aalto v. 1.5.0

Live 9.1.1

Mac OS 10.8.4

nevermind. missed previous post from ngwese about the same bug in use with Kyma. I'll wait to see what you find.

If you are comfortable compiling the client yourself I've made an attempt at fixing the pitch return bug:

I believe Randy is taking another pass at the client in general so hopefully there will be an official fix sometime soon.

It's high priority for me to sort this out soon. Been a little slow on this because of some other burning issues, thanks for your patience.