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Hi,I am on a Windows 8.1 machine, i7 2,4 Ghz, 8GB Ram, using Ableton Live 9.0.6 32 bit.
I noticed my CPU-load, according to Taskmanager would not go above 35% for Kaivo and not above 70% for Aalto, furthermore I had glitches / crackles with Kaivo when using more than 3 voices per instance.
I noticed that crackles could be reduced, when Turbo-Boost was switched off (by reducing powermanagement of the CPU for 99% max).

But then I decided to upgrade to Live 9.1, which I did not right away in order to avoid "teething problems", which I had with other "early" Live versions.
But for me 9.1 for now is perfect and I can use about 1.33 times more Aalto instances and 5 times (!!) more Kaivo instances, which I find absolutely amazing. CPU load in task manager now is more or less identical to Live's display and PowerBoost works as expected.
Of course this may be completely different on your system, depending on drivers, Bios and whatever.
No idea if things are similar for other windows versions and/or VST hosts, but thought I'd still let you know anyhow, maybe it's a source of inspiration, unless you are using the most recent OS's and DAWs anyhow.
Although it fixed some minor issues on my PC, upgrading from Win 8 to Win 8.1 took quite a while, tweaking settings, [re-]installing drivers and such, so not sure about that in particular.


Thanks for posting the info! It seems Live 9.1 is a big improvement on some systems.