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Hi guys iv had your demo for a while now but havnt had chance to play with it much. I noticed other posts on the forum about sequencer host sync but can i use my midi keyboard to play into aalto in anyway? I cant really get into it at the minute because i cant figure this out.

Looks like a really cool little synth by the way! Good work


Sure, you can put Aalto on a track in any Audio Units host, like Ableton Live, Logic, or Numerology, and then play your keyboard to that track. The details of how to do this are different in every host, but basically you just put Aalto on the track and play.

Hi for some reason i cant seem to do this in logic 9 i just get a continuous tone when i turn the osc volume up. Even though i can see the midi is working on the left hand side of aalto. Any ideas?

I have a fully working setup with no other issues i just cant work this out for some reason?


Hi Jamie,

Aalto is more fully modular than a lot of synths-- it doesn't make MIDI notes without the right patches connected. You can connect the patches by loading a preset. If you read the first part of the Quickstart guide it will tell you how to install the preset files where Logic can find them.

Sorry the install is a bit of a pain-- I'm working on a simple installer to send out with 1.1.

Ah yes got it now thanks.