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Hi I just released another Aalto bank:

this one goes from extremes of soft, evolving, minimalistic cloud-like sounds to hard, clanking, chiming mechanical polyrythmic sounds - some even morph between both!

super sounds! good names too, which is almost as important :-)

Did not work in windows ... the latest windows installer installs version 1.4b6; this soundset apparently expects 1.4.1, the same version as the developer used on his Mac. All but a few of the patches are currently useless on the PC version of aalto.

12-23 UPDATE
These patches all now function perfectly on Windows aalto. IMHO they are really excellent ... wonderful and inspiring sounds. Thanks to Stephen for getting this fix done during a usually busy holiday season.

An Aalto instance won't load a preset that is made in a newer version of the plugin. Unfortunately, since I put out a minor Mac update this can cause problems with moving presets from Mac to Windows now.

I'll look at ways to avoid this issue with the next update.

In the meantime I have edited every patch that wasn't loading on Win systems (i.e. all the ones made or updated in the 1.4.1 Mac version) in a text editor to an earlier Aalto version. I have tested them all on my old Win laptop and they are loading and sounding the same as the Mac versions so I have posted an updated zip on my site (also I have emailed the fixed versions to people who emailed me about the problem). Thanks Randy for your advice.