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Does anyone want to buy a soundplane?
I will include a madrona labs case a USB cable and 2 madrona labs stickers
I'll get the paypal fees
I'll get the shipping to the US
for 1760

here are some pictures of the soundplane

I am based in the US

video of the soundplane

this is the last thing I have recorded with the soundplane

and here is some audio of plumbutter and the soundplane

let me know on here or at my email
bukowskionmymind @ gmail

My reason for selling is that I am moving to full ciat lonbarde setup as aalto gave me the lusties for banana patching


Wow, I need to relax, or something -

When I clicked on this thread I thought it said "bug my Soundplane?", like you wanted to plant a "wire" in your Soundplane to spy on someone. Or you were afraid the NSA already got to your Soundplane. Now I see, you are just trying to sell it.

Anyway, I checked mine thoroughly for bugs, to be safe - all good here.

Dear Paul, Randy gave me the info that you sell your Soundplane.
I am in Germany and would like to get one. Is it still available?
As it is used, what discount you offer and what are the shipping costs?
Do I pay via paypal?

Thanks Hans-André

Hi Hans-André,

Paul’s Soundplane is sold. I am still planning to start another run of instruments in January.