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Several users and I have been running Aalto on Ableton Live 9.0.5 since its release. One person reports a repeatable problem that forces Live to quit with its "serious error" dialog. So if you are working with Aalto and a previous Live version, I recommend that you do not update to 9.0.5 right now. Stay tuned for news of an Aalto update.

The new Logic Pro X seems to be hosting Aalto well without any problems.

That’s the Live and Logic compatibility update.

[EDIT] The problems with Live 9.0.5 have only occurred on Mac OS X 10.7, as far as I know. So this problem may not come up on 10.8.

FWIW, I've seen random crashes with Valhalla plugins, I believe you both use the JUCE framework, so I think there's a connection.
That being said, 9.0.5 isn't the most stable Live release, hanging notes seem to be very common.

been running just fine here. Live 9.0.5, os x 10.8.4.
i pretty much only use the vst component of Aalto. and have a few sets with 2 instances of it
can't wait for v2

Working so far with the AU version on 10.6.8. I'll let you know if I see
any problems.