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Playing non equal tempered music on synths makes me feel like a weird minority. What I see as essential for the structure of music, is offered as an extra for exotic atmospheres or experimental sounds. This greyed out microtuning button is a sad sight for me.
Enough with complaining.
What kind of tuning files is Aalto going to use (and when?)


Hi Yorgos,

Of course I think tunings besides 12-ET are important, or the button wouldn't be there in the first place! So I would hope that seeing it can make you happy rather than sad. I am planning to load Scala .scl files.

As to when, your feedback as a paying customer makes it a priority! If it goes quickly, I can get it in the next update along with the optimizations I'm doing now. If not, then the one after that.

Well... yes. If Aalto didn't have the microtuning button I wouldn't have bought it in the first place.

Apart from that I would like to say that although I have an acoustic music background and limited experience with synths I love Aalto. Usually I find it hard to make patches that don't sound static. This is a quality that we take for granted in acoustic music. Even the stillest long note of a violin or a sax have motion. with Aalto I managed quite easily to make patches that, without simulating acoustic sounds, have this quality. Now of course I will have to put it back to its box and wait for the tunable version.

I think that .scl files are a good choice. They seem to offer higher resolution than .tun files.


Glad to hear that .scl will be a good choice.

Please stay tuned for an update in around two weeks.