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I'm trying to modulate envelope 2 release time with either a modulation sequencer or dual LFO and I can't work out how to get the control fine enough to go to both the min and the max values. It seems like I have to use a -.0999 or something to get near the bottom end, but then I can't get at the top.

I had tried hosting Aalto in Logic, turning on Learn Mode,, sending MIDI CCs, (which would be my preferred method so I can record the CCs), but Logic seemed even more strict about the values it would accept (0-127?). I tried playing with the different scaling options in expert mode and maybe I overlooked something, but I didn't find anything that worked. I had to multiply by something like .01 to get near the bottom end.

MIDI CC 1->127 should cover the whole range of the parameter. Is that not happening? You could also try the AU, which should deal directly with floating point values from Logic.

when using the ModulationSeq the values should go from 0 to 20, thats it works here.
Post this at the Numerology forum then I could send you the Numerology example