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Aalto 1.3.2 demo and release versions for Mac and Windows are here on the site.

1.3.2 changes:

added new patch save features:

  • quick save as version
  • save (over existing)
  • revert to saved
    added revert to saved via MIDI (program change 128)
    fixed sync problems in sequencer
    fixed signal viewer cold startup in UI
    restored bipolar dials in UI

    The revert to saved via MIDI came out of the workflow discussion we were just having here on the forums, and works especially well within Ableton Live. What you can do with it in Live is set up your clip to set program change 128 upon clip start. Then, Aalto will reset to the previously saved values every time the clip starts. This makes it much easier to tweak the patch while recording a bunch of takes.

    The manual has not yet caught up to the new features----I will do that soon.

    I am sending out a bugfix version for the Beat Special Edition in the next day or so. I will post in the forums when I find out how this is being distributed.

Awesome! Quick save as version is so useful!

Thank you Randy. The new revert function is really welcome!

I love the patch revision but had something happen

I saved about 4 revisions and went back to the second and started making some changes to it and wanted to save that revision. A text box appeared that said something like "preset 3 has already been saved". I don't know about anyone else but what is instead of that happening the revision would either save to the end of the line (if only 4 had been saved it would now be number 5), completely save over the next preset (erasing and replacing 3), or move all the presets over 1 (preset 3 would be 4 and 4 would be 5 etc.) place making the new revision in order after the revision it was revising (in this case 3)...

I hope this makes sense, what a wonderful addition!

unfortunately my lappys hardrive died on me so I lost some good wiggly bits of aalto/touch OSC template but I will have to start over and add this function.

thank you again this is wonderful

I love the patch revision but had something happen

Well this is by design. The worst thing that can happen is to save over an old version by accident. So my first job was to prevent that.

Going to the "end of the line" might be a good solution. Or maybe going in a different direction, like "2b", "2c", ... even.

In general I could think about these things for days to try and get them perfect-- rather I try to throw the features out there when they are immediately useful and gather feedback about were to go next.

Sorry about yr drive!

Nice! ...I think I missed the news about 1.3.1 though.

A MIDI command to activate save as version would compliment revert very well, but would get into the duplicate name issue quickly.

I feel "end of the line" is manageable and would be good enough if we want to start a new patch "genealogy" we can rename it or rather save as.

I mean, if you went back to 2b, then did save version, what is it 2b1, then 2b1a, 2b1a1? :)

@jonah i was think along those same lines

I suppose I should just not be lazy and try it out but my computer with aalto on it died so does the patching geneology save with the patch?

that is to say if I made a new patch which have some versions saved and copied them to my clipboard to share here on the forums would the other versions be saved with the aalto patch?

got a draft of 1.3x changes in manual form?

Sorry, docs are a little behind right now. Here's the list of bullet points, which you probably saw. Very soon I'll work to get the docs updated properly. In the meantime, please post in the forums if you have questions.

1.3.2 changes

  • added new patch save features: quick save as version, save (over existing), revert to saved
  • added revert to saved via MIDI (program change 128)
  • fixed sync problems in sequencer
  • fixed signal viewer cold startup in UI
  • restored bipolar dials in UI

1.3.1 changes

  • fixed automation sticking bugs
  • fixed host sync ratios in Logic
  • new software PLL for tighter host sync
  • fixed "rectified voice" bug in wave folder
  • fixed integer dials behavior
  • fixed possible OSC-related crash in Live
  • fixed patch display on close and reopen
  • brought back preset converter on Mac
  • fixed sequencer offset when stopped
  • fixed sequencer UI range issue

1.3.0 changes

  • redesigned, rewritten, vector-based, smoothly resizeable UI
  • DSP optimizations
  • fixed key stealing in Ableton Live
  • fixed Fxpansion RTAS wrapper compatibility
  • improved dial / mouse wheel ballistics
  • fixed Logic noise burst bug of doom
  • sync by ratios to host sequencer
  • Soundplane/t3d support over with auto-detect MIDI/OSC switch
  • added MIDI program change automation
  • store window location / num / anim prefs with saved data, not patch
  • fix startup / shutdown issues affecting Max/MSP, Reaper
  • KEY: added two MIDI modulation outputs
  • KEY: rearranged knobs for Soundplane/t3d switch
  • SEQ: added random sequence button
  • SEQ: added steps signal input
  • SEQ: allow fine delay time changes in steps of 0.1
  • ENV: increased attack, decay ranges
  • ENV2: added delay, attack signal inputs
  • LFO: add level signal input
  • OSCILLATOR: fix linear pitch input range
  • patcher: fixed sticky signal displays
  • patcher: display bipolar signals as absolute