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Ok, great synth, great concept, great sound. Only thing holding me off right now is not beeing able to sync to the host... Aaargh... Is that on youre priority? Is it hard to do?
Please, if i dont buy before I will buy in an instant then...

It's a big priority, just down from performance improvements and bug fixes. I hope to include it with the next update in 2-4 wks.

Until then, you could use a parameter, like aftertouch, to get sync. Draw a ramp in your host app that takes 1 bar (or 4, or whatever) to go from 0-127, then loop that. By setting the number of steps in the sequencer to 1, and putting the ramp into the offset, you should even be able to host sync the sequencer, triggers and all. I haven't tried this, so if you do please let me know how it goes!

Works in Logic kind of... when setting the ramp to the16th Tick its synced (not really tigth but synced). Now the problems are: Gates are only working on 8ths, with 16ths i get a long gate instead of two gates. If I reduce the width it doesnt play at all
And when the offsets jumps back, it plays all gates very fast, sounds like a roll in the end.

Did I not understand something?
I uploaded A video here (sorry for the tick sound):

Host sync and please a 250e next :-)

Hey, thanks for trying this and sending the movie. I know what's going on with the gates and can fix in the next update.

I guess, I can not really recommend this solution for tight sequencing. I could make it so when the offset is moving backwards fast, the output doesn't change. But that is kind of messy. I think it's better to wait and put the energy into host sync.

definitely... always better to have the real solution. Ill try a bit more other the weekend. Maybe ill buy even without the sync cause it sounds so good. But if that is implemented im buying in an instant. Ill keep coming back and looking.
Thnx for your efforts...

and dont forget about the 250e :-) nested loops hmmmmhhhh