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hi there, i'm a new user of aalto
i'm having problems when i try to automate the synth,
i record automation, but when i open up the synths gui the patch resets and then reaper crashes,

is this a problem anyone else is having?

i'm using win7, lenovo thinkpad t410, reaper 4.31, aalto 1.3

Thanks forshaw,

I think the 1.3.1 update coming very soon may fix your issue. Please keep in touch and let me know.

cheers randy, looking forward to the 1.3.1 update

looks like the problems i was having with 1.3 have been fixed with the 1.3.1 update, cheers randy. i love this synth :)

Hi, brand new Aalto fan here...I originally posted questions about MIDI CC record and playback, but then read more of the site and realized even Randy is grappling with this. I intend to devote a lot of time this weekend to using Aalto in Reaper, if I come up with anything I'll be sure to post it.

Well, I feel silly now, there are probably numerous ways to manage this in Reaper, but as far as a quick way to get going, setting the envelope recording status to "Latch" means it will track whatever you grab in the VST. I just got Aalto, and I don't have a scheme yet about how I intend to set up my controller, but I had immediate success tracking and playing back my CC to the VST. This will render an audio file immediately after recording, which lines up with the MIDI perfectly, no muss no fuss, as many times as you like with little or no pressure on the CPU, which is a consideration on my tiny laptop.