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Just some UI stuff in a couple hosts with OS 10.6.8, late '09 mpb:

  • In Audiomulch 2.2 the Aalto VST window goes blank white when you try to re-size; closing and re-opening restores the UI. The Aalto AU does not respond to re-sizing at all.

  • But in Audiomulch 2.1.2 (before the new Cocoa UI) the VST re-sizes as expected. The AU re-size does not work, however - it does this glitchy cascade effect.

  • In Bidule 0.9726 the VST re-sizes as expected; the AU does not.

  • In any host I've tried (the hosts listed above, as well as Renoise 2.8 and Logic 9.1.8), if you close an Aalto window and then re-open it, and then click on the right patch-change arrow, the patch will always revert to the first patch in the folder. If you click the left patch change arrow, it reverts to the "preset" folder which in my case is buried one directory level down.
    Once the Aalto window is re-opened, you can go to the patch browser and click on the desired patch, and the sequential patch switching works again.

thanks a lot tm.

Control over the window size is actually up to the host, so proper software on the host side is needed to get this right. Some hosts are more cooperative than others so there's nothing I can do. Still it's very good to have this info!

Resizing the GUI is something not many plugins do, yet. If you want to spread awareness by contacting the makers of the hosts that aren't getting this right, I'm all for it.

I will fix the patch naming glitch for the 1.3.1 release.

Also, several times caught the host crash when close aalto 1.3 window.
(Studio One v2.5 x86)