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Shipping the Soundplane has been, undoubtedly, the most difficult and the most risky thing I've done with my work life. And now that some people have their instruments, it's turning out to be the most rewarding.

When I see reactions like this, I feel like people are actually getting what I set out to do, and that I might have some company out on this long limb after all. And so it makes me want to get more work done for the brand new community of Soundplane owners—I have more instruments to deliver, and a ways to go in making the software experience live up to what the hardware offers.

Another thing I need to do, though, is have a party to celebrate the occasion of this audacious project actually shipping, and to offer a beverage and a big round of thanks to everyone who has helped get it here. Thanks to the music lovers at software design / development group Substantial, the party will take place at Substantial’s HQ in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill. The address is 900 E Pine, Suite 202. We will be there from 7-10 pm on Wednesday, August 29. If you haven't tried a Soundplane yet, this will be a great chance to try one in a relaxed atmosphere. Hope to see you there.