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As we move into late Summer, the Soundplane has moved from work-in-progress to shipping product, and more and more people are finding out about it. I've been refining the software that converts raw Soundplane data into expressive touches, and releasing updates every week or so. Last week I added plug-and-play support for the Kyma sound design environment, and bar|none used it to make a video:

Resonations from bar|none on Vimeo.

Thanks in part to bar|none’s video posted over on Create Digital Music yesterday, I've gotten quite a few requests about Soundplane availability.

I am currently waiting on some additional parts that were needed to complete the first batch of 30 instruments. I expect to get these, and ship all the remaining instruments by mid-September. At that point I'll be able to do all the math on timing and pricing for the next batch.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to get on the wait list for this next batch, let me know. I am currently just keeping a list of interested people in order with no obligation.  At some point a prepayment will be required to hold an instrument.  

The price will be slightly higher than the prerelease price of $1,695, but less than $2,000.  

To see what else is possible over OSC (Open Sound Control), check out this video of Jordan Rudess using an early version of Aalto for Soundplane.

Stay tuned for news on the Aalto 1.3 release with Soundplane support and other goodies, coming soon!

Hi Randy,

This is a great new.
Video shows us something unique to interpret electronic music.
I am always interested in the soundplane and I expected the next news.
How much will be the prepayment ?
Best regards.


Details to follow in mid-September. Best. r.