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Summer is coming! Well the sun has been out at least.

I'd love to let my synth nerd flag fly with a shirt with the image from the cover of the Aalto manual.

Also, would it help fund updates? I seriously feel like I under paid. :)

I'm with Jonah; please charge my credit card again for whatever amount seems reasonable.

Seriously a t-shirt would be great! Though I would be more partial to a hoodie, with or without zipper.

The Madrona Log would also make a nice front or back design.

like this?

i'd buy!

OK! I even played around with colors a while ago. I'll do this after I mail out some Soundplanes and take a quick nap. So, first half of June-ish.

[EDIT] yeah, right.

awesome! :D

I'd buy.

I'd want one.

i'd pony up for one too...bring it!

Shiver me timbres, it shore is cold and rainy. The extra insulation of a Madrona Labs sweatshirt would be a lifesaver!


Hmm hoodies are kind of pricey. But you can't fly your Aalto colors in the Winter with a t-shirt. Decisions, decisions.

t-shirt would be kiLLer. sold!!

I'm in!

I would buy one also !

me too!!

Well the t-shirts are selling themselves.

C'mon guys and girls - no other takers on Aalto hoodies? Mmmmmmm, nice, fluffy, warm hoodies.

Pacific Northwest folks need Aalto hoodies! HOODIES!

I'm up for a hoodie if you can ship to the UK.

First this T-shirt and now the hoodie... Did they ever really exist and if so where to order?
I love the design by garf.

Did they ever really exist and if so where to order?

Only in our minds.

I would love to make some things for all you nice folks to wear. I've just been too busy getting Soundplanes and Aalto out there.

I'm going to go with the T-shirt-- love me some hoodies but with the shirt I can afford to just make some and not need people to pay in advance. Less hassle all round.

Dang. For a minute there, hoodies were making a serious comeback!

No matter; I can use the money saved on that hoodie to pay the heating bill. Oh, wait... I live in a cardboard post-war coastal California house - there is no heat!


I'd wear it in a heartbeat, especially if it's half as stylish as Aalto is. Hell, I'd buy the bumper sticker and oven mitt too...

I know, I can make a madrona logo patch and you can sew it to a Uniqlo hoodie. Problem solved!

Wow. I thought "Uniqlo" was a clever word you just made up. Then I looked it up. Problem most definitely solved!!! :)

I was actually gonna buy two shirts and find a Punk Rock Girl to cut one of them and safety-pin the logo to the back of a hoodie in the classic style. The patch idea is much better!

EDIT: Damn, once you past past the scary-looking models, looks like they actually got some pretty nice clothes for cheap.

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cool you can call it the aalto patch for the added pun factor - count me in for a t-shirt & patch