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Hi.I use Audacity too. I do understand that writing an editing program isn't your first choice :)

But it would be sensational cool and unique if a VST like KAIVO could do it by its own.

Of course I am recording wavetables from PPG synths as wav. and import them into KAIVO. No problem there. If I want to have a combination of any field record sounds and waves of a certain amount and in a special order and maybe in a certain synced rhythmic shape it's getting much harder to make it.

A granular synth which makes that for you via drag and drop would be heaven and I guess you have a mega seller :)

HiRandy. I used the ones which came with KAIVO and imported my field recordings. I didn't make special waveforms for it. I got the PPG WAVEGENERATOR. Could such files be imported to KAIVO?

In fact KAIVO gave me the idea to do more with wavetables in it. I think it would be great if the user just could take any wav. data and drag it into a sampler window. Then take another and the engine would automatically melt them together in a row so you can build up a long wavetable. I think the combination of synthetic and real audio could be a great thing here when programmed rhythmically. Like in a KORG Wavestation but much more advanced and of course with the cool features of granular synthesis.


Hello Randy,
we "talked" about that issue already. I recognized now that there is still the same problem with the Key for the VST-registration.

When copying the serial from the account page into a text editor window to save it, the format is changed and as a result this data cannot be used to activate a VST instrument on a computer. So you are still forced to be online for a registration. That´s not a problem in general (although I know this is annoying for the many offline studio PC users) but what will be, when Madrona Labs isn´t any more any day? What I am really not hoping for. Or maybe there is a longer server dropout or whatnot?

I would be happy if you could work that out. Thank you in advance.

Best wishes.

Hi Randy,
thank you for all the work you put into your 3 VSTs :)
Have Joy

Looking forward for your new SUMU-VST.

Had you ever have the idea for making a granular synth where you can load e.g. 20 different samples or more (to stack them vertically or in a row) and you can use the engine like a wavetable-synth but with all the nice features of granular synthesis? Such a synth could be awesome. I don´t know if it is doable :)

70% for 3 outstanding excellent and long term maintained plugins with free updates-policy??? I think your wishes dust your mind a bit :o)
Randy is for sure someone who really earns butter for his bread and that should be tolerated with paying reasonable prices. I understand your needs for wanting all of his plugins...I recommend starting to save some money and wait till the next sale. You will have a good feeling when buying one excellent product plus supporting one great and standing out developer doing so. I think you will also appreciate the VST more as getting it nearly as "a gift" or a "steal" ;o)

As always. Thank you for your information, Randy. I am patient but I am a little disappointed too...but nothing to worry about :)
As long as it is save that you will optimize and make a final version some day its more than okay for me.

I cannot state enough how much I love this synth...I´d love to work more with it while having that "stable-feeling" and a better usability. I think for what KAIVO can do and how it sounds, this instrument is totally unmatched on the VST-markoet :o) Please do maintain it further.

How long did it take to make AALTO a final version?

Joyful programming/ Regards

Hi Randy,
it´s been a while. Can you already share some news concerning update shedule for the optimization process? Please remember that I and another user have constant freezes (we described that issue in another thread) and the CPU usage is far too heavy. It would be a joy seeing this plugin in a "final" state some day. I am just not using it right now. It feels so unfinished and unstable...and that´s a pity :)
Thank you in advance and joyful programming.

Hi Phil and thank you for your tip. That seems to be a working method. I am not sure if it works with a stored text editor file stored earlier. I'll give it a try :)

Thank you. That's really cool. Your service for your customers is great. Appreciated much :)

I tried the first time I installed Aalto to use the saved text-file for registration and it didn´t work.

The next time re-installing on another PC and installing Kaivo I was online and did the copy to clipboard activation.

Finally I layed Internet into my studio for that kind of reason. But I want to be shure for the future because I admit to be a bit oldschool. I want to use things I like in the future too, maybe in 10 or more years too. I still have a lot of hardware synth I bought in the early 90th and I still use them. I am still very careful with software and it took a long time I really dived into that region ;)

Hi Randy,
yes I am using 2 PCs and no matter what I do - I tried notepad++ and Word and Windows texteditor - it is always the same. The format isn´t the same as on the user-account-page when I paste it in. I will give it a try on my macbook too. Any other Ideas?

I looked up the installation folder where the licence files are stored after installing the VSTs. When I watch them on the notepad++ editor it´s the same picture. I don´t know whether I can use these files for a re-installation and registration? The slashs seem to be fitting. But the middle part where it reads "licenced to and so on" is not placed correctly in the middle.

Nice to hear that you are so ambitioned with your projects :)

No problem - Good things take time :)

Hello Randy,
can you tell already when there will be further updates for PC users? I still get this KAIVO freeze in Cubase as described earlier.

KAIVO and AALTO have become (beside the fantastic and unmatched U-he Synth) my absolute favorite Synth and I absolutely am looking forward for a stable and (maybe) out of beta-status KAIVO update.

Best wishes and happy and creative programming and a joyful new year to you :)

I will. No hurry. I only am curious :)
Happy programming.

Hello Randy,
can you share any news concerning new non beta updates - maybe with performance optimizations - or is it still too early for that? Thank you.

okay :)

I programmed and experienced Kaivo (and a bit Virta) for nearly two days now and I am flashed by the sound. I liked the EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN since I was a teenager and Kaivo really offers a great pallette of their sounds - without renting a hangar and built all the stuff they did too achieve thier unique sound :)

Running Kaivo with 4 voices is fine on my Quadcore and sometimes 8 voices is okay too. But running software like Synthogys IVORY II (the new Grand collections) or VIRTA in parallel is absolutely killing all the fun.

I understand that you are focused on many things at once and that you will update your 3 Plugins. But performance optimation does not seem to be a primary goal. I think it should be an important goal because at the moment it is like having a ferrari left in the garage and taking the bycicle instead. Kaivo and Virta urgently needs multicore updates und further performance improvements to show and shine in their full glory during a life setting performance environment. At the actually state I think they both feel somekind of unfinished. The equally excellent sounding CHROMAPHONE2 for e.g. is performance-optimized much better and can also be played with many more voices.

I would be thrilled if one day this would be possible with Kaivo (and Virta).



wow! You make me smile...maybe there will be two instances of KAIVO in one live session possible? Happy me. Thank you very much for your support.


Randy, ashes on my head...I just saw that Aalto is out since 2010. :oD Thougt it would be relativly new. I take everything back and assert the exact opposite...what a shame. I am really sorry.

Same for me. building Patches from scratch using a 4 layer sample, sequencer, 2D-LFO, noise-module, resonance-module and everything is fine. After activating the sound at all and not re-activatable. The Bug can be reproduced. Tried it 3 times (everytime from scratch). I didn´t save the patches.

I can underwrite that. I am in love too. Aalto is great for what it is. Soundwise and chracterwise. You do not have to invent the wheel for all new. It is fantastic and with some more options it will be even more fantastic but it should always stay AALTO :)

The one thing I love about it is the fact that Aalto is some kind of limited, what I consider a positive thing.

Don´t take me wrong. I don´t want to sound crude. I am a analytic thinking person and I have my thoughts about Aalto 2 and the strategy to charge for an update. As mentioned before...that is okay for me but it also leaves a little bit bad taste in my mouth. I think paying 100 dollars for a softsynth is not too little. And as I understand the changes in Aalto2 won´t be too much and I also think many of the inspiration for new elements are coming from critical users who worked with Aalto. There are so many companies out there which have excellent synth and tools out there for very fair prices and they have their products out for ages ... and are updating with very cool new features frequently AND are charging nothing for that service. VALHALLA DSP, KLANGHELM, SYNTHMASTER (version 2.9 exists for ages and the actual version now is like a totally new synth than version 2.0) too name just a few.

The Question I aks myself is ... shouldn´t the changes you will imply in Aalto2 not have been there from the very beginning - beside multicore usage, a second LFO and such alike?

If said. Don´t take me wrong. I am just saying my opinion and I am not charging. In the end I appreciate that you develop further more for the fantastic Aalto and I will be happy to try out the new features :)

I also would find it a fair offer when existing Aalto user would get a discount on the update price because otherwise they would deal with a disadvantage compared to someone who buys Aalto2 the first time (paying 1 time). The existing user of Aalto1 would pay 2 times for Aalto1 and the update. :)

Beside all my thoughts I am sure you will find a good solution.


I asked myself the same question. I use Audacity too. Thanks a lot for the guide on how to do multitrack-samples. I will work this out. I am curious how my field recording samples will sound in KAIVO :)

Okay. Thank you for the information. I guessed so. Its okay. You got to make a living.

this is honey in my ears and I am looking exited into the future for further development of this already excellent Plugin. Thank you :) Will you charge when updating to version 2? If yes will existent users get a discount?

By the way, I implemented now all of your excellent Plugins into my studio environment. Thank you very much for the Summer-Sale offer.

Have a nice week. Cheers.

according to all Aalto (1) now abandonware? ;)

"Awesome! Have you considered having dedicated stereo outs per voice for your instruments? Would be a boon for sure."

individual Mono-Outs would be great and even "only" 4 would be absolutely sufficient. imagine 8!!! stereo outs with all the phasing and whatnot plus several more tracks in a mix. No I don´t want to imagine that sound-monstrosity ;) I prefer dry mono tracks, they offer all the freedom you ever need to make a big variety of different sounding mixes.

at last I had more time to play around with KAIVO and I fell in love with it like I did with Aalto. Mainly for its experimental sound design architecture. It is a great tool with maaaany possibilities I much appreciate.

I am coming from the piano and I am used to play fast and sometimes many notes in a row - regarding short percussive or Key-style sounds. And here I noticed a big problem when it comes to a somehow authentic reproduction of e.g. a Koto kind of instrument. Even 8 Voices seem not to be enough because I regognized when releasing the key on your keyboard the release-phases of each before triggered voice (ADSR) seems to be still an active voice until the release phase fades out completely. Same is while playing with a foot pedal.

This always results in cut off voices which sounds very unnatural. Am I doing something wrong or is KAIVO constructed like that (in that case maybe there is a workaround?).

Of course there is no problem when it comes down to crazy experimantal one-knob hit and run-wonder-patches :)


Thank you for your support and sharing your knowledge.

I think it´s good to know how an instrument works. And I think that knowledge links the musician more deeply to it - what influences the creative output, whether it is a real instrument or a virtual one.

I am looking sooooo much forward for further improvements of Kaivo :)

You are welcome :)

Yes, it is running out of voices simply speaking and therefore a wild natural sounding instruments performance is not quite possible. But luckily that is not the main reason I will buy and use Kaivo. I simply love sound design and new ways to shape sounds over time.

But maybe you will find a solution otherwise than just adding more voices (we would need really powerful CPUs even in multichore-operation)...the problem I see is that the release phase after releasing a key on the master-keyboard is regarded by Kaivo as an active voice. Perhaps there is a way to trick Kaivo at this point? I dont´t know I am not a programmer. One could make a workaround while programming the sounds short without a long decay/release and than use a very good third-party reverberation plug-in to emulate this phase. That would result in loss of some character of Kaivo but a well programmed reverberation plug-in could hide this fact a bit.


Yes the sequencer is a great thing to have in Aalto and Kaivo. I use it with joy and it is so much fun to fiddle around with it. Of course it can provide things as polyrythmics. But a little practice and a polyrythm is learned to play on the keyboard by one self. That´s even cooler...and keeps the sequencer free for all the wild and experimental modulating fun-stuff (for what I like it most) :)

Yes Randy,
I got your point on software. It´s a fast lane. I would appreceate an Aalto 2 if it would really be a new instrument. I am a little old fashioned regarding that. I like my to know stuff inside out and keep working with it each day a little more efficiently. And than maybe hop on to something new...but only if it is an addition to the old software or better called sound-system (studio environment) in general...there is already so much software out there...