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it would also be great to choose whether the inlet controls the rate or the amount. at the moment it's rate only...

cheers bnek. your edensisland patch is great. the visual separation in the seq using the offset to actually see both riffs... wouldnt have thought to do that. very smart! :)

oh. ok thanks.

thanks randy - deleting the 2 folders and re-installing did the track.

hi, long time demo user, just got my license. can't wait to actually save stuff! (been taking screen grabs of cool presets for last few months..)

one thing i noticed with the demo was the greyed-out presets, just figured it was a demo limitation. but i have the same issue with the full version.

screenshot here:

i tried the Convert Presets, and it says there are 34 found presets. as soon as i hit 'convert', Ableton 8.2.2 crashes, and when i re-open Aalto, a new 'test-temp-xxxxxxxx' preset appears in the list.

any idea whats going on here?


OSX 10.6.8
Aalto 1.2.6 VST

TIP! map Aalto's 'offset' dial to a 16-note keyspan in Ableton Live to trigger Aalto's sequencer from wherever you want. great for when you've created a sequence in Aalto that you then want to chop up in realtime.

to map 'offset' to a keyspan, open the Live device view and click 'configure', move the 'offset' knob and it'll appear in the control list. select it and go into midi map mode, hold down C1 and tap D#2.
now all steps in Aalto's seq are mapped to your keyboard/pad controller. mash away!

this is either a great 'easter egg' feature or its a great bug!
i've been messing with the unison mode with the 'voice' patched into 'offset' and using the seq to create one-note chords etc. and am getting some incredible sounds. but something i just noticed was that the unison detune amount can be altered with the last fader in the seq. so for a 4 note unison chord (with offset input of 1 tick on the dial so 4 voices are playing at once), the number 4 slider will affect the de/tuning of the unison notes! is this a sneaky easter egg behaviour, or are things goin weird at my end in a really cool way ?

[edit] ok it only happens when making a preset from scratch using 'default' preset and only while using the vst version (au works as expected) so its some kind of really cool bug i guess. i can't copy-paste the preset here as i'm still using a demo, but i can post a screengrab if anyone wants to try out the 'quirk' ?

[edit2] ok, loading up the preset 'aalto techniques > seq chord' will show you how its patched, BUT this preset doesnt do the unison detune trick on the last slider, even tho all settings are pretty much identical. but making it from sratch still shows the same odd-but-cool behaviour...!?

i'm sure this makes no sense to anyone but me, but heyho...

ahhhh ok, yea changing the rate brought all 4 voices back under control. i don't think i fully understand your explanation but at least i know how to change it now! thanks for explaining. it'll sink in one day :)

oh and good luck writing that up in the manual hehe..

now its my turn to be confused! not sure from your reply whether you mean its a bug or a feature..?! the odd behaviour doesnt bother me but there are some irregularities in the way it works. eg:

try the preset 'aalto techniques > seq chord'

as you can see, its patched the same way as my vid example, but the difference here is that all 4 sliders in the seq affect the tuning of the 4 voices FULLY, whereas with the newly created patch example in the vid, the last slider only partially affects the tuning of the previous slider's voice.

strange things are afoot!
i'll leave it with you anyway - still having fun here


yea i missed out a few details in my OP. sorry - it was late!

i've just done a v.short video. link is:

there are no names, comments or tags associated with Aalto so all good.
let me know when you've had a look, and i'll take down the vid.


how about a 'random' button to go with the other 3 'waveshape' seq pattern buttons? would come in handy.

also a +1 for the 4 outputs option (you do mean external outputs to feed to seperate tracks in the daw, right?)

i read here that there are plans to upgrade the lfo with sync etc.

would it also be possible to have the lfo's speed follow the key pitch too?

at the moment you can double-click the pitch's inlet amount dial to set the correct value that follows the keys; the same for the lfo inlet amount would be great.

[edit] nevermind, a looping env2 does the trick instead :)

works great now thanks

hi, just installed the 1.2.1 update to try the bugfixed seq, but it seems its still broken. moving the sliders in the seq doesnt produce audible clicks anymore, but it still becomes unresponsive after a few tweaks.

i also noticed that the 1.2.1 vst's creation date was 9th of this month, over a week ago. does this sound right to you?

macbook pro 2.2 quad i7 / Live 8.2.2 (VST)


was goin to post about the seq problem too but its already mentioned here. so i can just add that the seq stops responding here when click-dragging any of the 16 sliders. try it on the 'seq chord' preset; clicks when moving, then nothing.

this is on os-x 10.6.7, 32bit vst inside live 8.2.2

i don't envy you at the moment randy! you must be getting bombarded. its a fkn amazing synth. been messing with the AU for months now but been waiting for the vst. will be snapping it up when i get paid.