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Right now I'm pretty good with m4l in ableton 9 to manipulate Aalto. I realize not everybody has Ableton but for my part I'm good. I certainly would like to see some kind of audio input straight to the waveguide delay though. The lfo could use additional waveforms (I know you can use the seq but...)

I made a preset that I saved to the users patches in a folder of mine which is in appdata/roaming/madrona labs/blablabla on win 7. However when I use save as version after that, the preset is stored in programdata/madrona labs/ect which seems to be Randy's patches. Anyway to have to have them saved to the same location as the original preset?


Awesome! Quick save as version is so useful!

Noticed that as well. I though it was something with my patch. :)

When I try to save a patch that I pasted from the clipboard (forum patch for example), I have to enter the patchname in the dialog box even though the patch already has a name. I guess it's self-explanatory so no need for a question ;)

p.s. Perhaps also an info box to put comments on how to use the patch or things to try.

It might be a problem since certain characters like "/" are accepted by Aalto but not windows but this is probably trivial stuff to code for you. :)

Hi Randy,

I pretty much use audiomulch to record straight to wavefile. You can also record multiple waves files coming from a few Aalto.