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Absolutely. I was just talking about this on the lines forum!

My whole new UI kit is designed with touch screens in mind, so...

I'll be sending out more info tomorrow.

This was an interesting read, thanks! Bit sweeping in some of the conclusions but I'm generally sympathetic. More people should be writing about this stuff.

I'm also happy to be reminded of the Lauris Spiegel article. Her site is such a good resource.

Hi Marc, I replied to your email on November 5. Maybe it went to your spam folder?

Anyway pdt here has the right info, thank you!

Just select your license key (including all the symbols), copy, and then click the registration area in the demo plugin. This will register the plugin and turn it into a full unrestricted version.

I sent you your license key in the email. You can also get it any time on the "My licenses" page after logging in.

Racing the clock here. Or calendar I guess.


Yes I don't have the rights to reproduce the Synmag article. I don't really feel a need to anyway, because most of my customers can't read it. I'll write more info here in English soon—but mostly I'm working on finishing the synthesizer!

I'm glad you are interested! I don't have much I can say about it yet.

I'll be releasing a free program alongside Sumu, which does the analysis of audio recordings and turns them into the bandwidth-enhanced partials format.

Thanks for the thoughts! So non-German readers aren't left behind I'll be posting more Sumu info very soon.

Thanks for the feedback.

That's it, sorry for the late reply here!

It's a fine question! My synths work with pretty easily alternate tunings but not with MTS-ESP for now. I may add it in the future.

Cool! I had a beer and watched you play with my synths, it was fun.

I'm working to finish up that Aaltoverb release. The M1 code is done. I plan to release Aalto 2 early next year.

here you go:

Sorry that didn't help. I can find the info for you, if you let me know what plugin or what particular info you were interested in.

All the existing plugins will definitely be getting major updates in the coming year. I'm excited to be rolling out a new graphics layer that will make things generally faster, better multi-core support, native Apple Silicon support and lots of other improvements. These will be v2 versions and will be paid upgrades.

At one point I did promise at least some new models for Kaivo for free so I'll sneak some into another 1.x update before I send out v2.

Thanks for the note!

Thanks for the info. I'm working on an update that will fix this.

It's cool—I'm a bit embarrassed it's taken so long! I really don't know about a timetable—as you say, I'm just trying to get Sumu out—but I can commit to doing at least another couple of resonators or bodies for Kaivo soon after Sumu ships.

Thanks for the good report and the additional info. If it does it outside of MPE mode, that will make it easier for me to track down. I've made a bug report.

I don't test much in Reaper, so I wonder if this is an initialization problem in Virta that is triggered by Reaper. If you have a chance to try a different DAW, please let me know if you see the issue there. Thanks again.

that's great to hear, thanks for sharing this info!

shipping this fall.

@thetechnobear thank you for posting the info!

I'm not an expert with Ableton and I have to look this up every time. So maybe someone else can explain better. If I remember right, sending the output of the synth track to another audio track, then recording that track, is the simplest way.

Hi, I guess when the Soundplane app was made I never considered much the idea that there would be hardware synths with MPE. While I can't be of much help immediately, I'll add an MPE MIDI out mode to the Soundplane app feature list.

Do you have Max/MSP? That's probably what I would use to make something that does what you want.

I appreciate your thoughts on smoothing. The code in this case does not help because it's not something I can just drop into my own framework. Finding the time is the hard part. I'll be making a big list of Aalto enhancements soon and this should be near the top.

Thanks for the thoughts @pdt.

@aleatoire, I played the WAV sample you sent me and on the long decay there is only DC, in other words, a constant value that slowly decays. This is at under -50dB, so I don't see it as a major problem. But I wonder if something in your audio chain does not like the DC and is converting it into high frequencies somehow, with the distortion you are describing. From the sound you sent me that is my only guess.

In any case this explains why the "leak" setting removed the problem. It removes DC.

I appreciate the reminder. I'm not sure how I missed this the first time around, so sorry about that!

It's an easy fix if some params want to be smoothed and others don't. But in the case of the waveguide frequency some people might want this to be smoothed and others might not. A user-configurable smoothing frequency for each parameter would be too complicated, I think.

I could see an approach of smoothing changes, unless the parameter has not been changed for a short while. So if you start modulating gradually away from 0, the first change won't be a jump anyway and it will still sound smooth. But if the first modulation is a high value, it would immediately jump to that value, then begin smooth changes if values kept flowing in, as from poly aftertouch and so on.